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Getting involved

Our company is quite small, but we hope to keep bringing more creative and hardworking people into our fold.  We are currently seeking producing partners, writers and designers specifically; but whatever you have to bring to the table, be it technical know-how, film-making skillz, musical talent, marketing wizardry or environmental ideas, if you would like to work with us, please do get in touch!  Anyone who comes on board for a particular production will have the potential to become a permanent company member.


Please feel free to send your work in at any time, just remember our policy of 50% female representation on stage.  Sometimes we will also advertise specific commissions for short pieces, please follow us on twitter @greygreentheatr or join our mailing list.

Unfortunately, we are not resourced to offer dramaturgical feedback or critical responses to writers whose play we are neither producing nor developing.  We are very grateful for any submissions that are made to us and whilst we will read everything sent to us, we can only respond if we wish to take the submission further in the near future.  If your submission is intended for a particular event, please specify this, otherwise all submissions will be kept on file for potential future use.

We actively encourage script submissions from writers of all backgrounds, without discrimination.