City Slices & Country Crumbs

City Slices & Country Crumbs showcased four new 15-minute plays, chosen from over 60 submissions. It was performed at the Hen & Chickens theatre in September 2013.  It was our third production, our second in a conventional theatre setting, and we were delighted with our overall production and the enthusiastic audience response.

‘These plays are full of an affection for England that makes for a warm tonic on a cold night’ – One Stop Arts

‘A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a night with friends and be introduced to some emerging young playwrights’ – Everything Theatre

‘Certainly worth the trip to Islington’ – Female Arts

These new plays dramatised different experiences of life in England – of privilege and poverty, the inner-city and the rolling hills. They were, in order of appearance:

Milk by Judy Upton
Directed by Tessa Shrubsall

Ricky – Ben Fensome
Jemima/ Dr. Rowland – Felicity McCormack
Megan – Natalie Sheriff

A Black comedy in which a young couple discover a dark secret about the British food industry.
‘The play, and the relationship between dairy farmer and lactose intolerant girl, is funny and endearing’ – Everything Theatre

L-R: Ben Fensome, Natalie Sheriff


A Little While Longer by Melanie Hunter
Directed by Charlie Ely

Marjory Salmon – Samantha Leverette

A unique and touching monologue in which a woman reminisces about her life in early 20th Century Newcastle.
‘A powerful and touching monologue… Leverette brings a real warmth and vitality to the part.’ – One Stop Arts

Samantha Leverette


The Seaside by Camilla Whitehill
Directed by Charlie Ely

Luke – Nicolas Clarke
Amy – Nicola Coughlan

A wistful look at life in the seaside town of Hastings through the perspective of two people seeing-in the dawn.
‘the casting was excellent… and both actors gave really believable performances’ Female Arts

L-R: Nicola Coughlan, Nicolas Clarke


Chelsea & Henriette by Wendy Thomson
Directed by Tessa Shrubsall

Chelsea – Georgia Clarke-Day
Henriette – Natasha Lee-Dowd

In this laugh-out-loud comedy, two London girls wax materialistic on the trials and tribulations of their lives.
‘A rowdy upper-class romp rounded off the evening with…clever wordplay for these two deliciously cringe-worthy self-obsessed characters’ – One Stop Arts

Georgia Clarke-Day


Production Team

Berengere Ariaudo de Castelli – Producer
Charlie Ely – Director: A Little While Longer and The Seaside
Patrick Goodden – Sound and Lighting Designer, Deputy Stage Manager
Alysha Laviniere – Assistant Producer
Tessa Shrubsall – Director: Milk and Chelsea & Henriette

Production Photo Gallery