a new play by Ben Maier

directed by Charlie Ely

“I can make… impossible things happen”

Jude Beringer thinks she’s going mad.  Then she meets Leon, a young card magician who can make people disappear. What follows is a wildly entertaining journey through the minds of two young people surviving against the odds in the big bad city.

A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light is at once a delirious game-show, a witty and inventive exploration of mental illness, and a powerfully compassionate play about family, friendship and illusion.

Ben Maier is a writer and performer. He recently co-wrote and provided songs for A Dashing Fellow (New Diorama). Other credits include extensive work with Skinnybone Theatre and Wireless Mystery Theatre in Belfast. His one-man show An Imaginary Circus, produced by Belka Productions, went to the Edinburgh Fringe and had a UK tour.  ‘Extraordinary energy and vitality… a tour de force’ – Edinburgh Guide on An Imaginary Circus


Production History

Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (7 – 30 August 2015)

‘Frankie Valium […] croons with a wonderfully indulgent voice’ – Broadway Baby

‘The transformative power of love is what Ben Maier’s smart, elusive new play is really getting at’ – The Stage

‘Gutsy visuals and strong performances’ – The Stage

‘The production is a colourful, surreal and inventive look at how we regard and treat mental illness’ – The Edinburgh Guide

Audience tweets:

@LordPasola: #BlindingLight was brilliant in both senses of the word. Congrats @GreyGreenTheatr on an artful performance of a necessary piece of writing.

@jessbrien: @GreyGreenTheatr #BlindingLight bold, unnerving & genuinely entertaining. Brilliant performances all round @ZOOvenues

@feralfoxyladies: @GreyGreenTheatr #BlindingLight beautiful writing, fabulous acting & stunning imagery. Get yourselves down to last few shows!! #edfringe

@CharDunnico: @GreyGreenTheatr #BlindingLight is a great show! Pure magic


Production Team

Berengere Ariaudo de Castelli – Associate Producer
Charlie Ely – Director / Producer / Stage Manager
Patrick Goodden – Composer / Sound Designer / Deputy Stage Manager


Rosemary Branch Theatre, London (October 2014)

All photographs (c) Oliver King Photography


Callum Cameron – Terry
Sam Caseley – Leon
Ben Maier – Frankie Valium
Emma Sylvester – Fizz
Elizabeth Mary-Williams – Jude

Production Team

Berengere Ariaudo de Castelli – Co-producer
Charlie Ely – Director / Co-producer
Patrick Goodden – Composer / Sound Designer / Deputy Stage Manager
Tessa Shrubsall – Assistant Stage Manager


Big Noise Festival, CLF Arts Cafe (14 June 2014)

Extract performance


Sam Caseley – Leon
Philippa Carson – Jude


London Grey & Green Theatre Company would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the following people, who have helped us take A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light to Edinburgh:

John Angel
Philippe Ariaudo
Alexandra Barbor
Louise Blum
Giannina Bright
Caroline Bubb
Laura Carstensen
Irene Casey
Dónal Caviston
Stephanie Clifford
Katie Clifford
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