Charlie in Kenya

Artistic Director Charlie has been on sabbatical since late 2017, chasing a dream to travel and work in East Africa. She spent part of her time on the Kenyan coast, volunteering for the Local Ocean Trust, who specialise in the conservation of endangered sea turtles. She hiked and camped her way through the Great Rift Valley, visited Rwanda and Uganda, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Charlie also spent 5 weeks working with Lagnet Cric, a community theatre group who work in a deprived area of Western Kenya, providing invaluable, educational and highly entertaining theatre to people in the surrounding area. They also provide a safe space for many young people to participate in artistic practice for free.

With Charlie, they created and performed a brand new piece of theatre drawing from both Kenyan and British theatrical tradition, educating people on drought-resistant crops, pregnancy and women’s rights.

Now the work of Lagnet has been featured in The Stage! We are so pleased that writer Eleanor Turney took an interest in the company’s work, writing a very detailed and insightful piece, which you can read here

Charlie and her partner, Alex, also fundraised for Lagnet and Local Ocean Trust through their Kilimanjaro climb, raising £1000. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to everyone who donated to support the future of this incredible theatre company!

Charlie created a weekly vlog which you can watch here.